Female filmmakers, this is your chance to get a foot in the door (and keep it there.) EVAN JAMES Itisness, 3016 NE Killingsworth, (971) 570-6930, Friday June 25 films screen 4-10 pm, $5 per screening, Saturday June 26 workshops, panels and screenings from 10 am to 9:30 pm, $10 to get in, see zonkerfilms.com for full schedule and details

La Femme Filmposium invites women filmmakers to confront their artistic and professional futures and transform their ideas into cinematic realities. We know you have a brilliant inspiration just waiting for a little perspiration, so let this film festival/networking shindig give you the push you need.

June 25th features films by Portland filmmakers including Beth Harrington, Karen Meyer, and Patti Lewis. Their final products will undoubtedly spark your own creative drive, so pay close attention and learn a thing or two from these hard-working women.

After watching a few awesome films, you'll want to talk about it in order to activate your mini-education. June 26th presents a series of interactive panel discussions with local film professionals. Representatives from local film and media organizations will provide indispensable presentations to get you started and connected in the film biz.

If you're still waffling, check this: All sorts of enticing giveaways, including memberships to the World Digital Video Association and subscriptions to MovieMaker magazine--both are FREE to anybody who attends.