Col. Summers Park, SE 20th & Belmont, Saturday, June 26, 2-7 pm

Bike lovers have been clicking their heels over the month-long celebration known as Pedalpalooza. Featuring such events as women's bike rides, parades, Zoobombing, Bike-In movies, and of course, the extremely naughty World Naked Ride, Pedalpalooza brings excitement back to two-wheeled commuting. And now, Pedalpalooza winds up the month with the event of all bicycle events, the Multnomah County Bike Fair.

Billed as a "day of decidedly raucous bike fun and hootenanny," the Bike Fair brings together an ass-load of events, informational booths, food and bands to start the summer off right! Musically, thrill to the sounds of the Trash Mountain Boys and The Pheremones. For the more artistically minded, a "bike ballet" performance by the Sprockettes will be staged, as well as an "interpretive hula hoop performance" by the aptly named "Hoopla!" Add the Radical Cheerleaders and a fashion show, and you've got entertainment aplenty!

And yet there's still more! Bring your bicycle and sign up for these hilariously fun events: the "slow bike race," the "bike rodeo," and for the true thrill seekers, the "tall-bike joust" and the "demolition derby." The Bike Fair is a guaranteed blast, so don't miss a minute of it! WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY