Okay, this time it's Courtney's turn for discomfort. While I was uncomfortable for him reading it, so far Erik has soldiered through an athletic event he was physically unqualified for, and I, by default, had to go to a perfectly comfortable performance by a UK artist popular with hippies (enough with the hippies). Before we start demanding greater degrees of torture, let's take a moment to note the fact that this is not Worst. Night. Ever., which immediately devolved into cruelty (sending Patrick to get punched in the face, sending me to get murdered in the woods, etc.). This is Discomfort Zone, which was intended to be a gentler, less reckless W.N.E., one that's about stepping outside our usual cultural circles and reporting back, so that we all might expand our borders—not just crude dares. That said, behold Courtney's options:

Creation 2011 Northwest: A Tribute to Our Creator
This Christian music fest featuring 60 bands and 20 speakers actually starts tomorrow, but it runs through Saturday, so I think we can let Courtney choose whether she'd rather be "drawn to salvation and discipleship in Christ" during Thursday's full lineup of "Gospel through music" (including communion at 11:30 pm and the Transform DJ Electronica Night kicking off at midnight); "give tribute to our Creator" on Friday (don't forget to Experience Vice Verses at the Worship Stage); or "unreservedly submit to Christ as Lord and Savior" on Saturday—don't skip out on 4 pm Catholic Mass, Court. You might learn something. Enumclaw Expo Center, 45224, 284th Ave, SE, Enumclaw, WA

Tip o' the cap to Blogtown commenter cat & beard for this doozy. The Summer Soles 'N Toes extravaganza promises a 10,000 square foot venue (REALLY?!) filled with foot models, "'luxury 'suites' for private worshipping, an intimate lounge area for more public exhibitions and even a cage to unleash your deviant foot fetish desires." Plus, a bar (mercy), hors d'oeuvres (cheese?), and a DJ! Let's hear some quotes from past attendees: "I got the idea with experienced later in the evening, that I can get aggressive, by tickling the model’s feet she was fulfilled. I can now almost see myself confident with more women in general." "Angel and I went to a private space and I gave her my patented gentle podiatric examination..." Okay. That's enough. Thursday, 8 pm-midnight, "Actual location only provided to registered, confirmed guests"

Friction 2
"Portland's biggest lingerie and pajama party happens at Barracuda. Everyone dressed in pj's or lingerie will receive a raffle ticket for prizes from Cathie's & G-Spot." 'Nuff said. Saturday, Barracuda, NW 2nd & Couch, 9 pm

I will leave you to your deliberation.