Thanks to a suspiciously high number of votes, I will be busking tomorrow at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Well, actually, as close to the square as I can get—the Festa Italiana is also taking place this weekend, so I may be budged out to the margins of the square. I will be there from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, I will be wearing a hat, and I possibly may be joined at some point during the performance by a musical cohort. Stop by if you want to throw money. Stay home if you want to throw anything else.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: Next week is Alison Hallett's turn to be discomfortable. It's Alison! You want to make her even more discomfortable than you're making me! So leave your brutal, mean, discomfortable ideas in the comments and we'll take your best suggestions into consideration. Alison's reign of discomfort begins next Thursday, September 1 and runs through the following Monday, September 5, so any terrible, unpleasant, or just plain awful events that fall on those days are game. (She "says" she has a wedding to attend on Saturday, September 3, which sounds discomfortable in and of itself, so look for things that fall on other days, if possible.)