The OLCC announced today that it has repealed Club 915's liquor license. The most recent fatal shooting of the club's bouncer is just the beginning. In the past year, the OLCC and police detailed a whopping 19 serious incidents involving fights, altercations, or drugs at the club.

The official list (pdf) of all the shit that was reported at the club is pretty astounding, here's the highlights:
January 24—A woman flagged down police officers after two men assaulted her as she was leaving the club. The men were arrested of assault charges.
— February 14: A woman's purse was stolen from inside the club and $764 charged to her credit card.

— March 6: Portland police arrest a Club 915 patron for for a DUI after she drove away from the club with a blood alcohol level at .17 percent (legal limit is .08)

— May 16: Police officers responded to a report of an assault at the club and found "an intoxication and disoriented person bleeding from the mouth." The incident apparently began inside the club when "suspected gang members began 'talkin' smack' to another group."

—June 5: Police responded to a report of an assault at the club and found that a drunk person had been pepper sprayed by another drunk person.

—June 13: Police officers responded to a fight at the club and found that about 20 people had been brawling inside the club.

—June 26: A patron was assaulted as she left the club and her phone and wallet were stolen.

—June 26: A woman went into the bar and then immediately left because she spotted someone inside who had threatened her in the past. As she left, the woman was assaulted by the person she feared and two other patrons. The victim sustained numerous cuts and bruises and a fractured finger.

— September 11: Two groups of bar-goers began to fight as they left the club and one guy pulled a gun from his waistband and fired multiple shots, hitting one of his rivals. He was arrested for attempted murder.

—November 22: A patron (22-year old Mike Ellis) was removed from the club for disorderly behavior and not allowed back in to get his backpack, coat, or hat. Ellis died of hypothermia that night in waterfront park.

—December 15: Police officers "noticed a strong odor of marijuana inside the premises."

—January 1, 2011: Two groups of bar-goers fought inside Club 915 and were escorted outside by the security guard, Ruben Mata. One of the patrons tried to hit Mata, who pushed him to the ground. The man, Kevin Moffett, allegedly fired shots from the ground and killed Mata.

Epic. This is what a legitimate repeal of a liquor license looks like. Has anyone on Blogtown actually been to Club 915? Somehow I've missed the fun.