I just moved into the Dekum/Woodlawn area and it's the shit, don't move there, people like me are already ruining it.

A few nights ago I wandered into the soft opening of the Oregon Public House, a new bar (and eventual brewery) underneath the Village Ballroom.

Billing itself as "the nation's first non-profit pub", proceeds from the Oregon Public House go to support local charitable organizations. It's an attempt to do some good with the fact that—as founder Ryan Saari notes in the below video—during times of economic strife, charitable giving goes down, but alcohol sales go up. The pub will support a range of local and international social and environmental charities; the full list is here.

What this means is I get to feel 100% self-righteous about drinking awesome beer at a pleasant neighborhood pub. DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME, INTERNET COMMENTERS.

The grand opening is on Friday, but it's currently in soft-open mode with a full food and drink menu. 700 NE Dekum, Tues-Sun 3-11 pm.