Ambacht Ales Proudly Anti-IPA Coaster
  • Courtesy: Tom Kramer
  • Ambacht Ale's Proudly Anti-IPA Coaster

A while back, I wrote about how there were some five-odd Oregon brewers—out of about 200 total—who have the cojones to NOT make an IPA.

I hedged my bets in that story, knowing there would be a few more brave souls to crawl out of the foxholes to shout it loud that they too do not brew the bitter IPAs. Most of them were pointed out on Twitter. And some people were wrong.

I was told that tiny Arch Rock Brewing Company in Gold Beach, which turned heads when it pulled down the award for the country’s No. 1 German-style unfiltered lager at the 2014 Great American Beer Fest, is an IPA-free zone. Not true, says brewer James Smith. “I did one because people were bugging me to do one for about eight months,” he says. He made Adipose IPA, after the fin cut off hatchery fish. “I probably won’t make one for a while, because they’re not my favorite style.”

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Same goes for Portland’s Buckman Botanical Brewery, which has never made an IPA on its own, but has done collaboration IPAs during over its five years, a spokeswoman says.

But I did miss a couple. In particular, I overlooked Ambacht Brewing in Hillsboro, which has the somewhat erroneous slogan: “Oregon’s only brewery without an IPA!”

Ambacht, which sells at New Seasons Markets in Southeast and Southwest Portland, as well as at the Beaverton Farmers’ Market, does Belgian style brews, says co-owner Tom Kramer. He rejected the idea of brewing a Belgian-style IPA, calling them “nasty.” Most of his beers stay under 20 IBUs, Kramer says.
“I like some IPAs, and I appreciate them,” Kramer says. “But our other slogan is, the world doesn’t need another one.”

At Fire Cirkl in White City, which skirts the line between beer and wine, making a style of mead with malted grain and honey, Managing Member James Romano summed it up this way in an email: “I will never ever make an IPA. Never have. Amen.”

Cheers, dude.