New Deal has its distillery in the Eastside Industrial District, where it produces its range of small batch gin, vodka and liqueurs. Also on site is a lively tasting room that holds events such as cocktail classes and hands-on whiskey making. One other thing they do, which you don’t find at your average distillery, is run a (free!) cocktails and comedy club on every second Friday of the month.

The lineups are legit—it’s not an open mic or "I have a friend that tells jokes" kind of night—with respected local comedians who you would normally have to pony up to see at Helium. For the 2015 season opener this week they’ve snagged a diverse comic roster, headed by Sean Jordan, alongside Catilin Weierhauser, Wednesday Weiss, Neeraj Srinivasan and Ben Harkins. Jason Traeger & Brandy Feit are the co-hosts. That’s a full night of funniness for free, plus some fine booze on hand. Comedy & Cocktails, New Deal Distillery, 900 SE Salmon, Friday April 10, 7:30 pm, full details here