Another week, another beer festival... This one, the Portland International Beerfest, is distinctive for casting an eye beyond not just Oregon’s borders but the USA’s as well (though having said that, there are plenty of regional and national brewers representing). It’s a three-day event with beers from 16 countries—over 200 in total, including a selection of exotic and rare pours—that attracts serious drinkers who talk in IBUs and mutter about spontaneous fermentation.

Germany and Belgium dominate—the former with everything from light, refreshing lagers to heavier but thoughtful Doppelbocks; the latter with wonderfully tart Lambics, malty browns and dry, sour Saisons to name just three styles. There’s a sprinkling of tasters from, among others, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Austria and the Czech Republic. I was hoping for a bit more from the English contingent given the quantity and quality of craft beer they produce, though both the exceptional Fuller’s 1845 and Fuller’s Vintage Ale will be available, and there is a short but robust Scottish selection. Food, games and entertainment are also provided—plus much-needed shade and fountains, as it promises to be hot as hell at the weekend.

Portland International Beer Fest, June 26 – 28, Holladay Park @ Lloyd Center, $35 advance (including 30 beer tickets and glass) or $20 (10 tickets and glass), full details here