People should drink more Riesling. Not in the same way that everyone should eat more Omega 3 foods (lots of health benefits; flax seeds, walnuts and sardines are the way to go), but because it is one of the great varietals (some would say the greatest). They can age for decades, still improving after most other white wines have faded to insignificance. Generally light in alcohol, Rieslings are aromatic, crisp, and refreshing, and though fruity they can be surprisingly complex. A good Riesling will light up taste buds you didn’t know you had.

If you want to check out how diverse and wonderful these wines can be, get down to Riesling Invasion this Saturday. It’s all Oregon winemakers, so no classic German, Austrian or French wines, but Riesling is now the fourth most planted grape in the state and there are many local examples that are considered world class. Over 40 producers, including the likes of Alexana, Brooks, Love & Squalor, Trisaetum and Lemelson, will be pouring 100-plus wines, all of which are included in the ticket price. There’s also food to purchase from Viking Soul Food and The Wild Hunt, while Bow & Arrow’s Scott Frank will be providing the Riesling-inspired party tunes.

Riesling Invasion
Sat July 23, Jacobsen Salt Company, 602 SE Salmon, 5-9 pm, $30/$35 on door (includes Riedel wine glass)