If you're someone who spent their formative years drinking in Portland, chances are good that you've blacked out or come close to it at the Rialto Poolroom Bar. It's a privilege among that shall be afforded to aspiring drinkers no more: The nearly 100-year-old bar, poolroom and downtown cultural touchstone is closing Christmas Day.

That gives you plenty of time to linger among the pool tables, to sneak down to the subterranean Jack London Bar, do some off-track betting, or just order one more double whiskey soda with lime in a tall glass to make more un-memories there.

Established in 1920, the Rialto announced today on its Facebook page that it is plunking in the old eight ball.

Rialto Facebook

Willamette Week reports that staff say that the owner is retiring, but in the comments of its Facebook post, the bar answered the growing wails of "whyyyyyy?!" with one word: "Inflation."

So, here's another reason 2016 is just THE WORST. At least Rialto will still be serving drinks on Election Day.