During the 2008 campaign, everyone made fun of Mitt Romney's hair for being too perfect. So this time around, Romney has no doubt paid for a very expensive hair adviser to make sure that his hair is always perfectly mussed. He's probably market-tested the angle of that cowlick on his front-left temple. The problem with the new Mussed Mitt is that when he gets snippy with voters at town halls, he starts to look a little bit crazy:

(And to get into the content for a second: This Republican line on Social Security is the height of irresponsibility. When all the candidates address seniors, they pretty much say, "You guys will be fine, but we're going to make sure that future generations don't get to enjoy the benefits that you're enjoying." If senior citizens support this line of thinking, and if seniors push a Republican into the White House next fall, I hope history remembers them as the most selfish generation in American history. That's just outright shameful.)

To further illustrate how Mitt Romney can't connect with non-millionaire human beings in a one-on-one situation, watch this clip of Romney fielding a question on Ed Conard's million-dollar donation to his campaign.