I think we might not be on their distribution list anymore, but whatever. The Portland Business Alliance today released the questionnaires its political folks sent to the major candidates running for mayor and city council next year, and no matter what anyone thinks of the PBA, the questions and answers are worth looking at.

Of note, initially? There isn't all that much daylight between the candidates. Also: Charlie Hales is a perfunctory man. Most of his answers, with a few Brobdingnagian exceptions, are short. For example: "yes." Oh, and Jefferson Smith drips in nuance. And Eileen Brady, with an answer on the Columbia River Crossing, may have served up fodder for a good TV ad.

Click here for the mayoral answers (sorry Max Brumm and Max Bauske!), and then click here for the answers in the Amanda Fritz/Mary Nolan race and here for the Steve Novick-vs.-people-the-PBA-doesn't-care-about race.

And now for some highlights.