Religious conservatives get pushed to the background when the economy's hurting, but Elizabeth Dias at Time linked to a Pew poll of how religious voters are leaning right now:

Twenty-one percent of white Evangelicals said they’d like to see Perry win the GOP nomination, while 17% favored Romney and 13% backed Cain. Sixteen percent, meanwhile, said they were unsure or would prefer none of them to be nominated.

White Catholic Republicans showed a significant preference for Romney, who garnered 29% support with that group; Perry and Cain were the top choices for only 16%.

The surprising thing about all this? Even religious voters—hell, even Catholics—don't want Rick Santorum to be president. Even with his banging the values drum at every opportunity, Rick Santorum can't get a significant chunk of the religious right to vote for him. In fact, the Pew report doesn't even mention the word "Santorum" anywhere, although he does place just above Jon Huntsman at the bottom of their poll. This means that even though the poor dear devotes approximately 95% of his waking life to thinking about homosexuality—in order to fight it, of course—he can't attract the attention of the gay-hating people he claims to represent. When all this is said and done, it'll be hard to pick which candidate ran the most pathetic campaign, but Santorum will have to be a serious contender for that title.