Lots of political news this morning! It's post-Election Day 2011, but the news is all about looking ahead to what will be on the ballot next year.

First off, Mississippi rejected a measure to declare a fetus a person, which is good news for people who support access to abortion and don't support charging abortion providers with murder. Oregon Right to Lifers have filed a petition for a personhood measure here, so keep an eye out for signature gatherers and news on that as the 2012 election cycle ramps up.

Here in Oregon, Suzanne Bonamici trounced all opposition in the Congressional District One primary (representing downtown Portland all the way to Astoria). She gathered 66 percent of the vote versus Brad Avakian's 22 percent and Brad Witt's six percent. We endorsed Brad Avakian because he had bolder, more progressive policy ideas (no to globalizing trade deals, yes to ending the wars immediately), but Bonamici is pretty kickass and has a lot of experience dealing with financial regulation—exactly what we need more of in Congress right now. Next up, Suzanne Bonamici and Republican Rob Cornilles will face off over becoming the candidate for the Independent Party, then begin the campaign toward the special election on January 31.

ALSO! New polling in the mayor's race shows Chief Mike Reese polling ahead of any of the candidates who have actually declared their intentions to run for mayor. The poll by KATU and SurveyUSA is the first independent poll in the race. Check out the results:

Eileen Brady: 19 percent
Charlie Hales: 13 percent
Jefferson Smith: 11 percent
Mike Reese: 20 percent
Undecided: 38 percent

That's got to be a little sad for the current candidates, but Reese is rumored to have major union support, plus he's got name solid name recognition (especially relevant for voters polled early on) and I'm sure the good press from Occupy and his great smile doesn't hurt his polling, either. Let's take another look at that:

Slap that on a campaign sign!
  • Slap that on a campaign sign!