Remember how Republicans always talk about how celebrities should keep their fucking fool mouths shut and just act, already? That's not how they feel when the celebrities are on their side:

Actor Clint Eastwood is the so-called "mystery speaker," who will address the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, according to CNN.

Fox News and Townhall have also reported that sources said the actor was the unidentified guest expected to deliver remarks.

For the last two nights of this convention, the speaker who was supposed to headline the evening was upstaged by the penultimate speaker. Chris Christie was slammed by his own party and the media while Ann Romney was praised. The audience here liked Condoleezza Rice better than they liked Paul Ryan. But Republicans had better hope this doesn't happen tonight. If Romney gets upstaged by Eastwood, that could be disastrous for Romney. The glare from a very old (but very well-respected) celebrity would not enough to disguise the fact that their candidate can't bring the thunder when he needs to.