Viva Las Portland! That's the slogan of a new PAC formed ostensibly to support the ballot measures that allow the construction of a non-Indian casino between Portland and Mount Hood.

The casino sponsors have been downplaying the whole casino aspect of the project, pitching the development as a family-friendly entertainment destination that embodies the "spirit" of Oregon. Last week, the anti-casino coalition launched their official campaign and the Viva Las Portland PAC launched their own Stand Up for Hope campaign:

As dedicated gamblers we know a thing or two about hope. Every time I go to the casino I see hope in an old man’s eyes as he cashes his Social Security check and slowly moves his walkers towards the blackjack table; I see it the single mom as she forgets about her mounting credit card bills and spends a blissful 14 hours playing the slots; and finally I see it in the bankruptcy attorney in the parking lot who worries that he won’t make partner unless he can round up a few more clients.

My friends with hope (and a few million dollars from our venture capitalist friends from Canada who are financing this private mega-casino), I know we can win!

Expect a rapid campaigning blitz from the pro-casino side soon, too. The casino-backers just paid Our Oregon $10,000 for access to the voter file they manage—which means they'll likely start phonecalling likely voters on the issue en masse.