Our Mayoral Inquisition on Tuesday night was so packed that we didn't get a chance to ask the candidates everyone's questions.

The candidates addressed the CRC, police oversight, parking spot minimums for developments, fluoride, and domestic violence funding, but they didn't get to answer many fun questions. I really liked the audience question: "How often are you wrong?" (Hales: "At least 10 percent." Smith: "If I'm 70 percent right, I feel pretty good. In terms of issues of fundamental values and policy, I hope I'm closer to 99 percent.") Here are a couple other fun questions audience members submitted, with emailed answers from the candidates.

Who is your favorite childhood cartoon character and why?
CHARLIE HALES: Road Runner, because he always outsmarted the coyote.
JEFFERSON SMITH: Voltron. Because "he" was actually "they." Teamwork!

What do you most admire about your opposing candidate?
HALES: My opponent has a way with words and can capture an audiences’ imagination. I tend to get down into the details pretty quickly and try to solve problems, he’s reminded me to share my higher vision a little more before buckling down to get things done.
SMITH: He is a very talented politician; more talented than most (and politician is not a dirty word to me). That and his positive campaign pledge.

Will you commit to Portlandia cameos?
HALES: Of course, but I want the make-up artists to be sure to make sure I’m heavily pierced and tattooed. No, assistant to the Mayor role for me!
SMITH: Not unless other city workers are included.

And a not-so-fun question for Hales specifically:

What's it like to come in first in the primary and fire your entire campaign staff? Why did you do that?
HALES: I’m incredibly appreciative of my past staff and the work they did in the Primary. The General is a different race and different people are needed.