Today is national register-to-vote day. It's a good thing that Oregon is excellent—one of only 11 states that allow you to register to vote online.

We still can't register to vote via Facebook, but the process is super simple. If you've moved since the last election or changed parties, just register at the Secretary of State website.

In addition to voting for the president this November, there are a slew of local issues worth having an opinion on, including the Portland's mayor's race, big money up in the air for arts education and Portland schools, legalizing a casino near Portland, and marijuana reform.

UPDATE: OMG the Bus Project is giving away FREE PIE in Pioneer Square as the register people to vote there at 4pm today. You don't have to even help out or register to vote (though you should!). Just show up for a slice of pie. Here is a photo of their pies, donated by Bipartisan Cafe, as proof of their existence.