The media has made much of Unskewed Polls, a new site that claims to remove the liberal bias in polling. (Romney is way ahead in every poll on Unskewed Polls!) The Romney campaign is claiming they have secret polling showing Romney tied or ahead in most of the battleground states. But I share my media compatriot Sean Hannity's skepticism with this line of thinking:

Let's ignore the self-serving Romney claims of polling bias for a moment and get back to Unskewed Polls. The problem with Unskewed Polls is it's a binary site. Either they're right and every single poll has a liberal bias that does not reflect reality, or they're arguing very publicly with reality, as most people suspect. Either way, we'll know for sure on Election Day. I think giving all this attention to Unskewed Polls is kind of dumb. The other sites advertised on Unskewed Polls—MittRomney2112, GOP 2112—are basically just click bait waiting for old people to mistype a URL. That doesn't make me believe they're very confident in their brave new polling model.