So that headline? It's probably the best way to bill the most entertaining and least relevant debate in the entire goddamned presidential election season: the one where the two guys who don't get to be president get to talk about why they're the best pick to not be president.

Just like we did last Wednesday, when a packed house showed up to watch the operators of the Willard Romney Simulacrum 2.0 steamroller President Barack Obama with a patented blend of lies, fibs, and highway-grade asphalt, we'll be hosting a screening tonight at the Back Stage Bar. Doors open at 5, with the show starting at 6.

Last week's viewing was PACKED, so don't wait until the last minute if you want a good seat. It's also plenty early enough that you can keep right on drinking if Joe Biden whiffs as badly as his boss did, and Paul Ryan declares victory by busting open a vagina-and-hymen-shaped pinata right on the debate stage.

And remember! We're hosting TWO MORE DEBATE SCREENINGS after tonight's, one for each of the remaining two presidential faceoffs. As in, the ones that really matter.