From the Washington Times:

Paul Ryan has become the most high-profile gun owner in the nation this year. The Republican vice presidential candidate is known as an avid hunter, but what's less known is that he exercises his right to own a handgun for self protection.


Mr. Ryan also likes to challenge himself by shooting with his revolver. “He likes hunting with a handgun,” Mr. Olcott said of his brother-in-law. “He’ll carry his .357 in the stand — in a holster — and wait for a deer comes in range for a handgun, which is more like bow range, 30 yards or closer,” said Mr. Olcott. “He’s shot a lot of deer with his handgun. He really likes that.”

That does sound like quite a challenge... especially considering that deer can probably smell Ryan's bullshit from more than 30 yards away. (Have I mentioned that I like to exercise my constitutional right to bear throwing knives by hurling them at cats?)