MEASURE 26-180 (Recreational Pot Sales Tax): Yes

Even if Portland voters approve this city-wide 3 percent

recreational pot tax, you’ll still be able to get legally high for cheaper than before.

The state legislature has approved knocking sales tax on recreational marijuana down from 25 percent to 17 percent, starting on New Years Day, and has allowed local jurisdictions to slap on their own tax, up to 3 percent. This tax—championed by City Commissioner Amanda Fritz—is just that. And if it passes? The 20 percent markup you see at the register is still 5 percent less than you’re paying for recreational pot now. Medical marijuana will remain untaxed.

The sales tax is expected to raise $3 million annually, and the proceeds will go to drug and alcohol education and treatment programs, training for cops and paramedics, and to support local small businesses (with an emphasis on those owned by women and minorities).

It’s one of the least burdensome taxes out there, and it’ll fund perfectly good causes. The more you smoke, the more you help.

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