In case you haven't been paying attention, the Most Stressful Election of All Time has weirdly become Xanax Xanadu, at least when it comes to the White House. Even Republican boogeyman Karl Rove "said on Sunday on Fox News that he no longer believed Mr. Trump had a realistic path to victory against Mrs. Clinton." Actual quote: "I don’t see it happening." Sucks not having the threat of gay marriage to scare voters with, as you did in 2004, eh Karl?

Ive got news for you, Donald Trump. Women have had it with guys like you, Warren also said.
"I've got news for you, Donald Trump. Women have had it with guys like you," Warren also said.

Clinton's lead is so strong (particularly among women), and Trump's prospects do dismal, that Clinton is out there campaigning for Senate races, including North Carolina, where my mom lives—my mom who was undecided two weeks ago about who to vote for, but has since chosen Clinton. (Phew!)

New York Times:

Mrs. Clinton is going beyond seeking simply a victory over Mr. Trump, asking voters to strengthen her hand in Congress and repudiate not just Mr. Trump but also Republicans who have accommodated or endorsed him.

After lashing Senator Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania in a speech on Saturday, Mrs. Clinton urged voters at an outdoor rally on Sunday in Raleigh, N.C., to elect a Democratic governor and to turn Senator Richard M. Burr out of office.

Calling Mr. Burr’s Democratic challenger, Deborah Ross, “exactly the kind of partner I need in the United States Senate,” Mrs. Clinton upbraided Mr. Burr for failing to reject Mr. Trump...

It is a sign of the extraordinarily lopsided nature of the presidential race that, even in a Republican-controlled state like North Carolina, Mrs. Clinton is in a position to exhort voters to hand control of the Senate to Democrats.

Sorry for such a long blockquote, I'm just having such a good time reading national politics stories today.

Washington Post has a headline today that reads:

"Donald Trump's Chances of Winning Are Approaching Zero."

What a headline. Within the story below that headline, the Post gets a little crazy with exclamations:

Arizona and Utah, two states that haven't voted for a Democratic presidential nominee since 1996 and 1964, respectively, are toss ups! Texas, the one large-population state that has long been considered solidly Republican is within mid-single digits! States like Colorado and Virginia — swing states in the last two elections — aren't even real opportunities for Trump anymore!

Okay, this glee is starting to stress me out.

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE. DON'T GET COMPLACENT. If you're in Portland, VOTE NOW. Your ballot is in your mailbox.