Trumps campaign is losing to Clintons campaign by $50 million.
Trump's campaign is losing to Clinton's campaign by $50 million. Gino Santa Maria /

According to federal election commission data released yesterday, Donald Trump has only added $31,000 to his own campaign's coffers since October 1, a massive reduction from the $2 million dollar injection he made in September.

Today CNN reports Trump "wired" $10 million to his campaign, which I'm sure he was planning to do anyway before the rigged media conspired with Hillary Clinton and ISIS by way of Sidney Blumenthal to personally attack him for not living up to his promise to invest $100 million in his own campaign by election day.

Trump often brags about making millions in the Atlantic City casino market and pulling out at just the right time. It looks like he was employing a similar tactic here—divesting from his own campaign in the weeks before its statistically likely collapse—before these reports were released.

This is the guy, after all, who also brags about being the only candidate who might make money off of his presidential bid. So far, Trump's campaign has funneled $8.2 million into his own companies.

In order to hit the $100 million dollar, Trump would have to donate $44 million dollars over the course of the next week. Instead of spending the money to develop any sort of last-minute get-out-the-vote campaigns in swing states, Trump seems to prefer being a one-man ground game and self-promoter.

Over the last few weeks he's been holding many rallies all over the country, and the plan is to hold many more. Though this strategy baffles veteran republican politicos, I can see why Trump would want to spend his (fingers crossed, knock on wood) final days with his core supporters, the people who will chant his name over and over again, sheltering him from the hard realities that await him.

But maybe he doesn't even have to spend any of that money at all? According to professor Allan J. Lichtman of American University, who has accurately predicted the results of the popular vote in every election since 1984 using his magical-sounding "13 Keys approach," Trump still has this thing on lock.