Doug Brown

"It's the economy, stupid."

That's the reasoning coming from Trump supporters across the country for voting for the most clearly inexperienced president in history. Not because he denigrates Mexicans, has admitted to sexually assaulting women, disrespects the Black Lives Matter movement, and has lied (and has been caught lying) to a baffling degree. These supporters were so supposedly concerned about the economy, they say were forced to put these other concerns aside and vote for a candidate they didn't believe in. Their shame is obvious—hence the overwhelming majority of polls that had Hillary Clinton in the lead. They were too ashamed by their vote to admit it.

And they should be ashamed. They placed "the economy"—and their own perceived well-being—over the rights of women (their mothers, sisters, daughters), over historically marginalized groups like Mexicans, sexual assault victims, blacks, and LGBTQs. What they did is the epitome of selfishness, the ultimate immorality. They chose wealth they will never get over the lives of fellow human beings.

If you're curious why we're marching, and not accepting Donald Trump as our president? That's why. Because we want the world to know your shame.