The thousands of people who have been marching in Portland—and other major cities—have one thing in common: Coming together to show their support for the people that Donald Trump has treated, and will continue to treat, unfairly. His stance is in total opposition to our values and standards, and that's why we march, and should continue to march. That being said, a dozen or so protesters—out of thousands—took it upon themselves to create havoc and vandalism. So, besides the businesses that were defaced, who was hurt by this action?

Minorities, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and everyone else we're trying to protect from Trump.

Vandalism and violence simply plays into the narrative that Trump wants to feed his supporters, and the media's thirst for drama over substance. Check out these headlines:

Portland's anti-Trump protest turns violent, as rioters rampage in Pearl

Destruction in Portland: Peaceful Trump protest turns into riot

'Professional protesters' riot over Trump's election, attacking bystanders and vandalizing cars, property

The actions from roughly a dozen or so people—who have very real frustrations, I get that—are having a very chilling effect on the thousands who need these marches to voice their feelings and share their disappointment about this election. They are also directly feeding a media who would much rather ignore the messages of the thousands and focus on random vandalism—frankly because it's easier to report, and gets more clicks. These types of stories then get spread to the masses, distorted by Fox News, and gives Donald Trump and his supporters all the ammo they need to dismiss our real concerns as the ravings of crazy, violent people who just want to overthrow the government. Again, who pays?

Minorities, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and everyone else we're trying to protect from Trump.

To the thousands, I say don't be discouraged. Continue to march, gather, and release your voice in any way you see fit, and progresses our cause. To the few who are bent on destruction, remember who you're hurting. Is that really what you want?