Doug Brown

Think kids of today don't give a crap? Check out the march and demonstration going down today at the noontime hour from high school students from across the entire district.

And here they are in action:

Last night a group calling themselves "Student Voices" sent out this email:

Tomorrow at 9:50 AM many high school students district wide will walk out and head down to Pioneer Courthouse Square. It is a peaceful protest showing that student voices matter and we all have a voice, even if we didn't get to vote. Students will be talking about what they believe in and what's important to them.

This morning Portland Public Schools sent parents the following email:

It has come to our attention that students from a number of our middle and high schools are planning a walk out today at 9:50am.

Portland Public Schools recognizes the right of students to demonstrate regarding their beliefs and concerns. However, we believe that the safest place for students is in school engaged in their classes.

β€’ Please be aware that high school students who do choose to walk out will receive an unexcused absence.
β€’ All K-8 and middle school students will be instructed to remain in class unless checked out by a guardian.
β€’ Also, staff will not be participating in or overseeing walk outs since these are not school-sponsored activities. Students leaving school will not be chaperoned and will be responsible for their own safety.

Just a reminder that the lack of public school funding across the nation is one of the primary reasons we are in this current abysmal situation. So support these kids, and listen to what they have to say! (And to Portland Public Schools: Counting this as an "unexcused absence" is absolutely sending the wrong message. As educators, you should be doing better.)

UPDATE: I fucking love this.

UPDATE 12:30 PM: After downtown rally, protesting students made a quick stop at Benson High School to lure more students to their cause, and are now entering Holladay Park in the Lloyd District. Again? I love this so much.

UPDATE 12:45 PM: The most action Lloyd Center mall has seen in months.

UPDATE 1:15 PM: The students are now on their way to the Moda Center.

UPDATE 3 PM: Congrats to the Portland students for their energetic march today. You make us all proud. (Again, PPS officials should NOT count this as unexcused absences. Chances are they learned more today about becoming a good, involved citizen than in their entire school careers.)