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Governor: Tina Kotek

While choosing who we elect for governor is always important, can we be so bold as to suggest this race is particularly critical? Thanks to an influx of millions of dollars from national Republican PACs (and Oregon’s own Phil Knight—thanks a pantload for nothing), as well as a spoiler “independent” candidate, there’s an unnerving chance we may have a Republican governor when 2023 rolls around. With the many serious crises that Oregon is facing—housing, economic, and climate… not to mention abortion rights—that’s a risk we simply can’t afford to take.

It’s time to get serious about getting Tina Kotek elected governor.

Despite what she might say in debates, based on her previous statements and proposals, Republican Christine Drazan would absolutely restrict abortion rights in the state. She would join GOP governors from other states and wreak havoc with the progressive ideals Oregonians hold dear, or worse, torpedo them entirely. Meanwhile, it’s hard to see “independent” candidate Betsy Johnson as anything more than a loud-mouth spoiler spouting thoughtless Trumpian values that come across as more "Republican" than the current Republican candidate.

Those two candidates are non-starters. But there are very solid reasons to support Kotek, besides the fact she isn’t Johnson or Drazan (neither of whom, we should mention, was brave enough to attend our endorsement interview.)