From Acme
1305 SE 8th

Acme's got booze, healthy food, music, outdoor seating, and WiFi, but most importantly, the bartenders are well-versed documentary film critics. Check out Drea's faves:

Dancing Outlaw (1991): "Its about this guy who lives in the South. He has this obsession with Elvis and tap dancing to Southern rock songs. You may die laughing."

Project Grizzly (1996): "Imagine you are a Canadian man who has been attacked by a bear and survived. You then devote your life to creating a bear-proof suit of armor."

Gates of Heaven (1980): "It's another movie about obsession—super bizarre people who spend thousands of dollars to bury their beloved pets in a pet cemetery."

Devil's Playground (2002): "This movie's about Amish kids who are faced with the question: To Amish or not to Amish?"

Pimps Up, Ho's Down (1999): "If you are secretly obsessed with hookers, this is your flick."

Ryan Stowe
From The Know
2026 NE Alberta

He's got time to run The Know—a cute neighborhood bar that hosts a mishmash of shows—play guitar in Swords, AND read constantly. Here are his favorite capitalist/rocker/bookworm reads of all time:

Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan: "It takes place in Eastern Oregon. The author ended up committing suicide, and one of the reasons I moved here is to see some of the country he wrote about."

Life is Elsewhere by Milan Kundera: "The author talks about people who don't listen to the story, but rather think about what they want to add. We all know somebody like that, don't we?"

If On a Winter's Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino: "It's about sex, or a love story. The love stories are beautiful, but really it's about the sex."

Anything by Pablo Neruda: "The most beautiful words you'll ever read. I learned all the Spanish I know from it."