Ken Powell
Hypnotist and Life Coach

Ken experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) every year for 10 years, so follow this veteran's suggestions for a swift kick to SAD's ass:

Don't diagnose yourself: "As far as we know, only six percent of people get the real deal. Women and young people are hardest hit."

Supplement: "Make sure your vitamins contain enough (but not too much) amino acids and vitamins D and B."

Be wary of hormones: "The sun really helps stabilize our hormone levels. Hormonally treated animal products and meats can be especially sapping during winter months."

Go outside: "If you're not exercising, do it. If you are, make sure it's outside—even though it's cold. Just walk to work or around your block."

Don't move northward: "If you think you're prone to SAD, don't move to a higher latitude where sunlight can vary even more. It's plenty dark in Portland."

Jen Neitzel and Ali Wykhuis
DIY Lounge
2940 NW Alberta

This crafty team opened DIY Lounge, the space behind Frock that offers DIY classes—including pasty making! Stop by this Last Thursday to learn more, and take heed of their advice on starting a business:

Open a separate checking account: "It's much easier to figure out what you are actually earning."

Schmooze: "There's so many people in PDX who are interested in supporting each other and you can come up with some unusual business models."

Don't borrow: "If you're borrowing money from others they have a say in your business."

Don't lose heart: "At first it may seem like you're working all the time with very little results, but the fruits of your labor will pay off."

Invest in presentation: "Business cards, labels, contracts, hang tags. Stores and the general public will take these frills seriously."