Antarctica NASA

CNN says this trillion-ton event changes nothing. Water levels will be the same, humans will not be harmed by "one of the biggest ever recorded" icebergs to break from the Antarctic shelf. Late in the post, CNN mildly mentions global warming, which may or may not have played role in all of this. We cannot really know for sure if the rising global temperatures caused an iceberg the size of fucking Delaware to drift into the sea. Also, if you want some good news, the post offers this: it will take a decade for all of that ice to melt. The process is very slow. It will not happen over night but over several years. So, continue borrowing money to buy gas guzzlers, continue under-funding transit and over-funding car infrastructure. Continue eating lots of meat. Continue making profits from the liberation of carbon.

While reading this CNN post, you certainly had a strange feeling rise from the depths of your being like those enigmatic words rising to the surface of a magic 8-Ball. And you thought: What is that feeling? What is it trying to say? Where is it coming from? And I can tell you exactly the source and meaning of this feeling. It relates to a concept European anthropologists discovered in the religions of the natives of Australia at the end of the penultimate century of the previous millennium.

It's the concept of dreamtime. A world before time. A world that was a dream.

But why are you recalling this religious concept of a dreamtime? Because the only place that CNN's post about the trillion-ton ice berg that broke from Antarctica makes sense is in a dream. In the real world, you would be alarmed; in the new dreamtime, you are not. You simply continue dreaming. To make matters worse, there is no “waking out of sleep shocker,” to use the words of the dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. In the face of escalating global change (the massive floods, the droughts in the Middle East, retreating and breaking ice in the poles), mainstream media has decided to write the most oneirical posts possible. This is preferred to the kind of radical change or meaningful action that would necessarily demolish the century-hardened economic and class order. All we have to do is dream—dream, dream, dream.