Nothing in the Mercury office garners more heated debate than the office coffeemaker. (And one wonders why print media is coughing up blood.) Therefore we need the great minds of Blogtown to help us solve TWO ethical conundrums today:
Conundrum #1: You're making roughly 12 cups of coffee. How much coffee would you ladle into the coffeemaker basket to ensure the necessary strength without causing an overflow?
Conundrum #2: Everybody knows that God's 11th commandment was "If you drink the last cup of coffee, make another pot." HOWEVER! At what hour during the business day, do you IGNORE this commandment, because nobody else will be drinking it anyway, and it would be a ridiculous waste that we shouldn't care about, and yet we do?

Your final answer will be legally binding, and will be entered into the Portland Mercury Employee Handbook as LAW. (As usual, feel free to discuss the intricacies of these quandaries in the comments below, and you will, because you sincerely have nothing better to do.)