Remember November's sad "animal rights"- fueled rabbit-snatching incident? It's happened again. This time, however, the 'nappers have raised the bar.

Instead of a mere pair, 23 rabbits were lifted from Levi Cole's Portland property on Saturday evening. Cole, a Portland Meat Collective instructor, had scheduled a class on raising, slaughtering and preparing (for consumption) rabbits the following morning. Sounds a lot like the 2010 chickennapping triggered by a chicken slaughtering class. Cole agrees. He told the Oregonian that he suspects politically-fueled foul play.

"We get an occasional comment on the website, some people who are angry at our existence," Davis said, but said this incident "hurts the livelihood of the people who are raising the animals."

Here's the bummer part: the thieves left nine nursing baby rabbits behind. Left without any adult rabbits to nurse from, the nine died Sunday morning. Commence crying everywhere.

Nonetheless, the Sunday class went on with another collection of rabbits. Any info on this posse of stolen rabbits? Contact the Portland Meat Collective.