When Seth Aaron returned triumphant from winning the last season of Project Runway, he answered with no hesitation when I asked if he was moving to New York that he had no plans to leave Portland (er... Vancouver). And leave us he has not. In fact he's slated to show in this year's Portland Fashion Week, which—say what you will about the show (either show)—will no doubt up the attention the event gets this year, boding well for the potential exposure other designers participating will receive as a result. And in a Project Runway challenge-like twist, he will be designing around one of this year's sponsors, SolarWorld, which is supplying this year's runway in the form of "black photovoltaic panels." Seth Aaron's been touring the factory for inspiration. Hmm. "In designing the collection, Mr. Henderson will draw on his passion for a domestically manufactured solar solution to pressing energy, environmental and economic challenges facing the country and his interest in exploring the technology’s aesthetic possibilities." This I gotta see.


Maybe add some color, like... I dunno... GREEN?