The May issue of W features a Lynn Hirschberg-shot Betty Draper/January Jones sporting a distinctly different look than the red lips and equestrian gear/hat and glove ensembles we are used to seeing her in. What do you think?


Ack! I hella don't like it. I know it's supposed to be modern, tough, edgy, and viva la contrast and everything, but it looks retro-'90s to me. I feel like she should be in a C&C Music Factory video having a bucket of water dumped on her in slow motion.* She's also strangely anonymous and washed out here, almost unrecognizable in an insert-white-blonde-lady-here kind of way, thanks to the overpoweringly aggressive styling. It really makes a case for the virtue of a little rouge. And that hair! Bring back the wash 'n' set! More photos after the jump.

*It's quite likely that this is exactly what they were going for.