So the fact that people seem to be getting kinda sick of this 3D thing doesn't seem to bother the kind folks at Hasbro, who just sent me this:


Yes, it's a Bumblebee mask with 3D glasses built right into it, so that you—assuming you're a very, very small child, or perhaps a slightly older small child who simply wants to give bullies even more reasons to swirlie and/or wedgie you before the previews are even over—can watch Transformers 3 while disguising the top half of your face like a transformer. It also came with an excellent press release! (Note to publicists: I will describe any press release as "excellent" if, as this one is, it is signed, "ROLL OUT!")

Can you imagine a more fun way to experience the 3D action? (We can't!) And don't worry—the masks feature a half-face design that allows you to munch on snacks and sip a soft drink without having to remove it.

Oh thank god. There are also Optimus Prime ones (shockingly, there aren't any for Skids and Mudflap), which look equally cool and not awkward or dorky at all. Check out all these wholly grown men and women, for example.

Green Lantern kid had a pretty rough weekend.

Fun fact: Transformers: Dark of the Moon stars Frances McDormand and John Malkovich.