It was a bloody massacre on last night's episode of Project Runway in a challenge for which the designers had to—gasp!—design for women who aren't models and have all these weird things that someone whose job it is to dress women couldn't possibly be expected to work around, like boobs and butts and stuff. "Boobs to me are trouble," whimpered Olivier, who probably had the hardest time of anyone dealing with his "clients," a bossy husband and wife duo.

To back up, for a minute it looked like the designers were going to have to design menswear, which clearly struck terror into many of their hearts, but all were relieved when it was revealed that the men they'd paired up with were more like (clueless) consultants on a look for their significant others.

As fumbling as Olivier was, it wasn't he who was sent packing at the end of the night. Get your sad violin music ready and hit the jump to find out who did.

Alas, Portland is out of the running. Hot on the heels of Becky's departure last week, Bryce—who never even got to win a single challenge—bid farewell last night after showing signs of emotional fatigue. He tearfully admitted how much working with a couple was making him miss his own partner, and the other designers were starting to cluck worriedly around him like mother hens. For this challenge he had to make a pink dress for his pink-happy client (who was adorable). The dress wasn't bad, but the fit was way too baggy. And while I was sad to see him go, I was secretly glad that Anthony, who was also in the bottom, didn't leave after getting along smashingly with his couple, who were the sweetest of the bunch.


On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to seeing what both he and Becky get up to at home. Becky's one of the designers competing in this year's Catapult emerging designer competition opening Portland Fashion Week, and I'm hoping they'll both go on to become active members in the industry here, especially since we barely had the chance to know them as designers before Lifetime whisked them away. As for the rest of the crew, we're down to the nitty gritty. I'm kind of rooting for Anya and Joshua but Anthony is growing on me and I still think we've never seen what Bert is capable of. Next week it appears that they actually do have to design menswear, and for a rock band no less, which is going to be a frigging disaster—yes!

Aw, it's going to be gross. Awesome.