Only the truly competent remain on this last leg of Project Runway, meaning we are probably out of the woods as far as construction concerns go, and it's now down to matters of taste—in other words, we're in Nina's world now, and man has she pepped up. Abandoning her usual coiled cool, in which a raised eyebrow and a stern tone are about as hysterical as she gets, she's now screeching that "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LEOPARD PRINT! ACID COLOR LEOPARD PRINT IS A PROBLEM!" and "IT LOOKS CHEAP!!!!" while frantically looking around for confirmation from her fellow judges of the fact that cheap looking clothing is tantamount to the sky falling. Good morning, Nina, it's good to have you back.

This is also where I start to feel sorry for the designers. All of their looks are generally pretty good, with only the occasional atrocity, and so everything becomes super subjective. One thing, however, that everyone could agree on in this '70s-themed challenge, was that Joshua's plaid pants are... well okay, not the worst thing that could happen to a woman's ass and thighs, but close.

AHHHHH, indeed. No, it certainly doesn't "resignate," as Heidi points out, who apparently caught a bit of the speech impediment from totally useless guest judge Olivia Palermo, who mostly parroted what the other judges said, at one point asked "Why didn't you make a skort?"—NEVER A QUESTION THAT NEEDS TO BE ASKED—and stumbled or mispronounced every seemingly random garment-related word that tumbled out of her mouth.

Spoilers ahead!

Luckily for fans of Joshua's eyebrows, he landed in the bottom two but it was sweet Ryan who was sent packing—a sad day on the runway. He took a grungier, more casual approach to the 1970s inspiration, which I didn't think was that bad, but the judges tore him to shreds for it. "Boring girls who belong to a cult" pretty much summed up the impression his earthily toned mixed patterns made. I wasn't big on the short skirt with the tie-dye, but the layered prints didn't bother me (although point also taken regarding the mismatched lengths of jacket and top), but I thought his maxi dress was perfectly fine. Based purely on the results of this challenge, I was surprised Joshua wasn't ousted (although I disagreed with the judges about his second-look dress, which I liked). That said, I'm glad he's still around, because he's one of the more fun ones to watch.

God, he's so sweet. You know who's not? VIKTOR! God that guy bugs the crap out of me with his weak attempts to be cattily clever. I want to see him go, but he keeps charming the judges. I'm so tired of his smug attitude. Ugh.

Suck it, Viktor. As for Anya—Oh my god, girl! She went from the total disaster of losing her money in Mood—note to designers: wear pockets!—to pulling in a win with one look pulled together using only $11.50. It wasn't the greatest, but the judges were rightly impressed with her resourcefulness, and then she floored them with her second jumper look. I think she's definitely going to be in the top three, along with Viktor and... Bertie? Joshua (sorry to say, but I honestly think doubtful)? Kimberly? Laura? Gosh, it's getting close.