During the 1940s in Germany there was a man named Adolf... wait, this isn't going into Hank Williams II territory, I swear. I'm talking about Adolf "Adi" Dassler, founder of Adidas. His namesake line of shoes and clothing is about to launch Adidas NEO and they've teamed with a handful of fine Portland bands for a series of videos promoting this new line. Featured in the campaign are Guindance Counselor (video embedded above), Deer or the Doe, Swim Swam Swum, Spy Island, and Cinema/Minimal.

So what's NEO all about? Leather Matrix-themed dusters? I wish...

adidas NEO Label's new Rock'n'Roll line is hitting stores in Fall/Winter 2011. Featuring young, edgy, alternative styles, it's fashion with a rebellious twist.

Attitude is a fashion art form with men's and women's apparel pieces inspired by arena shows, blown out guitar amps, backstage bacchanalia, and celebratory rage. With faux leather jackets, cool graphic tees and lots of studded detailing, the collection will bring out anyone's inner rock star. Long live rock! Long live NEO!

Celebratory rage? Um, okay.

End Hits: Just a rat in a celebratory cage.