Look out Portland: Zebra Club has slipped quietly into your downtown retail scene. The shop, which apparently achieved some notoriety in '80s-era youth fashion, at least in the NW (can anybody confirm? I spent the '80s wearing dorky school uniforms in California), has two locations in Seattle, one in Bellevue, one in Vancouver, BC, and one in Berlin. And now, apparently they have one in Portland. Kind of. Tacee Webb of Portland Design Collective called to say she hung up Zebra Club signs in the front windows of her shop today, with a plan to split the space—Zebra Club up front, and PDC in the back. Webb also says there's a potential for Road, a men's line owned by Shah Safari, which also owns Zebra Club, to eventually share space under the PDC umbrella as well.

For now, Portland's Zebra Club is just a sign promising a November 15 arrival. I have messages out the striped camp for confirmations of their plans, but Webb seems to think there are some serious Zebra parties in Portland's future.

UPDATE! Confirmation from Shah Safari's Director of Communications Julia Rice, though maybe not on the date: "You are correct that Zebra Club and ROAD will be moving into the PDC space. The opening date isn't officially nailed down yet and I am waiting to find out this timing before sending the press release. I can tell you that this will happen before Black Friday."