The gender-prescribed notion that women need an alternative activity while the guys are at home watching the Super Bowl is worn and creaky at best, but at least we can capitalize on tradition: Radish Underground is hosting their third annual Super Sale on Feb 5 from noon-5 pm, with fall and winter pieces priced 15-30% off (including stuff that usually never goes on special), and 15% off Thundies and Yoga Jeans (don't ask). And, because the ladies behind Radish, Gina Morris and Celestial Sipes, are adorable and throw some of the best retail parties in town, there will be yard lines marked throughout the store, an end zone, and very likely dance parties in the dressing rooms.

Make a whole afternoon of it while you're at it, because just a few blocks away at the Crystal Ballroom Bargain Hunting 101 will be in full swing during the same hours. The bi-annual group clearance sale features price-slashed merch from a variety of retailers and independent vendors, including samples and one-offs of clothing, furniture, and more. Scout the full list of vendors here, then go eat a bunch of nachos with beer, belch openly, scratch your groin, etcetera.

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