They're baaaaack.... I just got an email from an associate casting director for Project Runway, and they're sniffing up the old Portland tree again, hoping to shake down some more fruit a la Leanne Marshall, Janeane Marie, Gretchen Jones, Seth "Actually From Vancouver" Aaron Henderson, Becky Ross, and Bryce Black. This is a bit early for them, suggesting that Season 10 might air earlier on the calendar than it has in recent years. (June-September instead of July-October, maybe? Closing the gap between when fashion week photos come out online and the season finales would be a good idea, but summer nights are precious, dudes!)

Ordinarily here is where I'd sternly warn Portland designers against participating in a reality show that suffers less and less credibility every season, most recently awarding the win to a contestant who made some fun maxi dresses but could barely sew anything else. But you know, what? I am done. You're adults, and if you want to participate on a supposedly style conscious program that greenlights an ad campaign like this, that's your own problem:

  • Robert Erdmann/Lifetime Networks, 2011

However, if any of you do make it onto this godforsaken show (led by a newly single Heidi Klum, suggesting that this may be the first season ever not to employ any Seal songs on its soundtrack) I promise to religiously get drunk on chardonnay spritzers every week and make bitchy comments with the two remaining people I know who will tolerate watching it in its entirety. But I will only kind of be happy about it. You have until March 15 to decide. Choose wisely.