A promising-looking new shop is on the horizon for the Kenton neighborhood: Give and Take Resale is opening up at 8128 N Denver on March 31st. All on consignment, owner Chelsea Llewellyn plans to feature "furniture, housewares, clothing, crafting stuff, jewelry, rugs, art, trinkets, kitchen supplies, books, etc." at "conservative" price points. I say promising because Llewellyn sounds like she's aspiring to more than your typical thrift shop, and the web site's gallery (while obviously theoretical at this point) boasts a smattering of good, modern furniture that suggests decent taste. Plus the area is a hotspot for first-time homeowner, suggesting the potential for cheap, cool stuff as people move in and out and upgrade their homes. And at the risk of driving up home prices I wouldn't be surprised if N Denver became the next N Mississippi in terms of an area begging to be further fleshed out as a retail and restaurant hub (granted, that could be a mixed blessing).