Remember how I intimated that you might give to squirts about the debut of Fashion Star yesterday? You didn't, nor did anyone else, and the ratings wound up in the toilet along with your similarly neglected two squirts. What did you miss? Aussie designer Nicolas suggesting that Jessica Simpson (who does know a lot about cheap high heels and dancing atop the General Lee) might not know what's happening in men's high fashion, for which he was widely chastised as an "Aussie chauvinist" (who knew Australia had its own culturally specific style of chauvinism?):

Meanwhile, Simpson's co-host Nicole Richie had bigger fish to fry: Miss Piggy.

If that isn't depressing enough, check out the dust being kicked up for another of Nike's cultural relation snafus, over their unofficially titled "black and tan" sneaker being rolled out in time for St Paddy's:

Sigh... there's always tomorrow.