Heritage brands—for the most part, at least in this era—straddle the divide between people who do and don't care about fashion. The workboots and jacquards worn by the people who built this country may be in vogue at the moment, but they also have that fascinating smack of national pride and history—they're clothes that will be behind glass in museums (or whatever installation designers of the future use) sooner than later.

One such is Red Wing, which is reissuing styles 875 and 877, among the most iconic in the company's history:

This boot is one of the two key styles that elevated the Red Wing brand to worldwide renown. The 875 and 877 were made with russet colored leather, tanned by using the sap of sequoia bark. The process yielded a rich color that was very close to the coat of an Irish Setter hunting dog. These boots provided excellent arch support, and had a light, cushion crepe sole. The 877 was introduced first and the 875 would quickly follow. They became an overnight sensation among hunters and workers alike. Together the 875 and 877 became Red Wing's most widely recognized boots and icons for the brand.

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