I'm trotting out the old conflict of interest pony because the poor thing needs to stretch his legs, that's all! And for this outing we are talking about the second film in the quarterly Fashion in Film series I've been curating with my pal Eden Dawn from the Portland Monthly at the Hollywood Theater. Last time we took it back to 1989's Troop Beverly Hills, and this time we're moving it slightly further down the timeline of our fashion-influenced lives... to 1995's Clueless! Le duh!

The one-night-only screening is going down Thursday, June 19 at the Hollywood at 9 pm! We'll be there to introduce the film, and I promise that the next one of these won't take place in Beverly Hills... most likely. (Isn't it weird how many '80s and '90s films took place in flipping Beverly Hills?! Man, property rates must be going down).