Hovden Formal Farm Wear—yeah, that's right, formal farm wear—is headquartered in Portland but its products are rooted in Scandinavia. Inspired by traditional work shorts from Sweden and Denmark, its products are produced in the US and Europe with an emphasis on natural materials and other measures towards sustainability. The basic design itself was rectified in part because of a design for times in which fabric was a limited commodity: The pattern is all squares and rectangles, as opposed to the curved lines of a modern shirt, which helps minimalize the amount of scrap material. A Harmless Project recently made a review video of them, for those who can handle multiple references to "minimal farm chic."

• Aspiring sock designers, take note: Today is the last day that Sock It To Me is accepting submissions to its annual Global Design-A-Sock Contest. The winner will get $2,000, a slew of SITM product, and will see their design actually manufactured as part of the company's next collection, so… better get to it.

• The Frances May women’s fall 2015 is out: This one's called simply HER:

  • Justin Gorman and Caesy Oney