MARCH: IT'S KIND OF the indecisive psycho bitch of spring. One day the sun comes out, it's warm, and you think, "Life is great!" So you put on your awesome spring clothing you just bought (hopefully from a local designer or boutique) and proceed on your merry way. Then it inevitably starts raining again, and you begrudgingly put on your big coat with a hood (which hopefully you also bought from a local designer or boutique) while trying not to get your shoes full of water as you stomp your way through the puddles. Now that you're all cheered up, on to the style events for the mercurial month of March!

Last month included two huge fashion shows, and March is continuing with the pattern—albeit on a smaller scale. Michelle Lesniak and Erica Lurie of Garnish are teaming up to host a salon fashion show to debut their newest collections. While big fashion shows are fun, the smaller salon-type productions give the customer a chance to view the clothing up close, and even talk directly to the designer.

"I'm super excited to have Michelle and her incredible talent back at Garnish," said Erica Lurie of the show and her collection. "She's been an inspiration to me since I first met her in 2005, when we both were starting our fashion careers here in Portland. In January we discussed the possibility of partnering in some capacity, considering our very symbiotic relationship. I love having her creative energy in the shop, as well as her beautiful work. We have a similar clientele and our lines sit well together—yet each have their own feel. I was hoping to add variety to our offerings, and she was hoping to give her clients more access to her pieces." 

"Our collections were inspired by light and shadow," Lurie continued. "Each day we intersect light in different forms and cast shadows—and most of the time we're unware of it. We were interested in how we, in our chosen adornment, move through and occupy space and the shadows we generate based on our clothing choices."


Lesniak also offered more detail on her collection.

"The work I'm bringing to the table," Lesniak said, "has a lot of transparent moments using lace and net, showing off the 'shadow' of the female form. Playing with volume that's light and airy, the designs are intended to have an easiness about them—with hints of darkness that only a shadow can cast."

The show itself will consist of three rotating models, two of them posing for several minutes at a time, and styling comes courtesy of the designers themselves, along with Genevieve Sage, and Shelby Morgan of Veil & Valor. Of course no fashion show would be complete without refreshments, which New Deal Vodka will be on hand to provide.

Garnish, 404 NW 12th, Fri March 4, 6-9 pm


More Events!

Sundaze Collective, a monthly fashion and lifestyle pop-up shop curated by Yo Vintage! will host their first event as part of a rotating lineup going down the first Sunday of each month at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel. This one will feature products from AK Studio, Ara, Seaworthy, Haley Ann Ceramics, Tanner Ann Vintage, Maak Lab Apothecary, Kate Towers, Howard, and Radiant Human Aura Photos.
The Cleaners at Ace Hotel, 403 SW 10th, Sun March 6, 11 am-6 pm

Modified Style Portland will host a Clothing Swap that will benefit Dress for Success Oregon and Project Lemonade. Entry is $8 with a bag of clothing and $12 without—make sure anything you bring is just slightly used and clean.
Lola's Room, 1332 W Burnside, Sun March 20, 3-7 pm, $8-$12

Doug Fir will host another Rock 'n' Roll Flea Market. Vendor details are scarce, but with DJs spinning tunes and a steady supply of booze, it should be a very good time.
Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside, Sun March 20, 5-9 pm, 21+

As stated previously, I'll include every event possible in this monthly column, as long as we have space and it arrives before press time. However, events often pop up without much warning—so be sure to visit for weekly style event updates. Want your fashion event to be included in the print listings? Send the info to as far in advance as possible.