In case you haven’t noticed, Portland has seen its share of getting snowed in—and overall I think it’s fun. I call ’em “adult snow days”: You can’t get to work, you can’t drive your car, buses cease to make their stops on time, and we all go get drunk at our nearest neighborhood bar. In fact, some of my fondest memories occurred on those ASDs. This year, however? Not so fun. I’ve been snowed in a lot. In fact, during the most recent ASD, I didn’t leave my house once—and man, did I have a wicked case of cabin fever. I had shit to do and no way to do it! My deadline was looming, no photos were taken, and for two days I hadn’t had a single social interaction with anyone save for my roommate’s cat (’sup Edie). I NEEDED TO GET OUT! Good thing my favorite Portland band had a free show at Church Bar! They’re called Sleeptalker, they’re rad, and everyone should listen to them, okay?! They played with Suicide Notes, an adorable band I fell in love with the very first time I saw them at Velo Cult during 2012’s Pedalpalooza! Check ’em both out at and And check out these cute pics of the bands and their fans. (Thanks, snow!)